Toy is such a mess… And it feels so good!

So, toy finally came back home yesterday after a two week long trip! Coming home from a leisure trip is always a mixed experience; on the one hand, it’s good to be back, on the other, well, back to the daily routine! But yesterday, toy had something special to look forward to — Ivy would finally let toy have an orgasm after a week and a half in chastity!

Of course, Ivy wouldn’t be Ivy if there weren’t a catch. So, she made toy get some very special ingredients which were supposed to make the night more… Unforgettable. And it definitely was!

Toy arrived some time around 1 am yesterday (or today, technically speaking!). She was very tired after traveling for 16 hours and normally she would have gone straight to bed, but instead she rushed to her PC to log into SL for the first time in a couple of weeks. Ivy was already there and a few minutes later she made toy start the “preparations”…! Some things toy had already prepared herself: she had the “ingredients” ready (body oil, canned instant whipped cream, and a jar of honey!) and she spread some plastic bags over the floor to protect it from the inevitable mess.

First, toy got completely naked. It was a bit chilly, but the night wasn’t cold and toy had the heater running so she didn’t freeze; but the movement of the air in the room made her constantly aware of her nakedness and of her position as a submissive, and that instantly made her a little horny and toy quickly forgot how tired she was! Toy also went to the kitchen to start preparing another prop which she would soon be needing! 😉

Then, the fun began! First, Ivy made toy spread some oil over both her nipples; toy has extremely sensitive nipples and putting oil on them was extremely erotic and arousing in several ways: there was the thrill of being told to do something that toy would never do otherwise, and also the purely physical sensation of rubbing something into her nipples…! Toy played with them for a moment and was quickly becoming more and more aroused!!

Next came toy’s arms, chest and back; the oil was incredibly slippery but somehow it made toy shudder every time she touched her body, every time she moved her arms or head she would become aware of the oil and it was at the same time the weirdest and sexiest thing ever; it was terribly messy and toy had to use a *lot* of paper tissues to keep her hands clean so she could type messages back to Ivy (though the keyboard wasn’t exactly clean after all this, anyway!), but the mess was so incredibly erotic! It made toy feel like a true submissive, a real slave, doing something like that just because she was told to, obeying like she should, even though it made her feel dirty in the most literal sense of the word! And the feeling was only strengthened  when Ivy told toy to make a collar around her neck with the instant whipped cream!! Not only was it a *collar* – the ultimate symbol of submission – but it was also impossible to ignore. Toy would eventually smear it all over her chest and chin, her hair was white with the cream, and it only got worse whenever she moved her head, and when it did, it only made her more aroused!! Toy became so aroused that she stopped thinking how much cleaning up she would have to do the following day, her heart was pounding, her thoughts were spinning and all the frustration that had been gathering inside her mind and body made her shake again, wanting release more desperately than ever before!

But for Ivy, that was just the beginning!

“Buttplug, toy!”

Now completely shaking with arousal, trying to walk slowly and carefully not to smear oil and cream on everything but without much success (toy was so aroused and her heart was beating so fast that she was clumsy and uncoordinated, and of course the next day she found oil everywhere!) toy found her big buttplug and started pushing it in; if she was excited before, now she became so incredibly horny that she thought she was going to explode on the spot. The pressure of the plug against her rectum seemed to wake up every single nerve in her body, and she nearly squeaked! It was so dirty, so messy, and yet so unbelievably arousing that she was almost incapable of thinking straight!

The big plug was too big for toy (she managed to get it in a few weeks ago, but she couldnt do it again yesterday after such a long break) so she had to get the small one, which fit without problems and made toy feel wonderfully full; it was the most amazing feeling, and walking with the plug was a whole new sensation all by itself — and with all the oil on toy’s body and the horny thoughts in her mind she thought she would explode!

Toy was then allowed to masturbate for a short moment — but she had to stop almost immediately or she would just orgasm right on the spot!!

Next came the… Honey! Toy did as she was told and opened the jar and put a few drops on her now very erect and *extremely* sensitive nipples. The honey was thick and sticky and made rubbing toy’s nipples so extremely arousing that she thought she would cum just from that, it was absolutely mind-blowing, incredible, wonderful, and made toy arch back in a spasm of pleasure! After so many days in complete chastity toy was now so aroused, her senses were so extremely heightened, her mind was so full of sex that she felt like a machine designed only to be horny. Words can’t describe how toy felt! Especially when toy spilled some honey on her mouth and let it flow down her chin and neck almost all the way to her navel… It was messy before, but now Ivy took it to a whole new level, and toy couldn’t move at all without feeling the thick honey flow down her body; she had to be terribly careful to make sure the honey stays on her body, with not so great results!

As if reading toy’s mind, Ivy told her to touch herself and take it all the way to the edge! It didn’t take long, and it was the most fantastic feeling in the world, so messy, so careless, so submissive, the plug keeping toy’s butt full… But she had to stop just before she could feel complete!!

But Ivy had no intention to make it easy for toy, oh no! She started teasing her, asking what toy would do if Ivy decided to make her remain in chastity for a few days longer, and messing so much with toy’s mind that for a moment toy thought she would actually do it, take toy right to the edge of frustration but deny her the pleasure, make her squirm like she had never squirmed in her life only to stop abruptly and prolong toy’s torment! And the longer she teased, the more uncertain she made toy, the hornier toy became, her mind was spinning so fast that she thought she would orgasm just from the ideas filling her mind, imagining herself being told to remain in chastity, her frustration so big that she would never be able to calm down before she was allowed release, constantly aroused, always promised release but always denied it when the moment finally came… Toy was confused, terribly, terribly horny, breathing fast, her heart pounding like a sledgehammer, and at the same time hoping that Ivy was just teasing and wishing that she wasn’t!

By then, something toy had been preparing all night was ready: fake semen that Ivy made her cook from rice! It was a little runny, but it looked like the real thing. Toy sucked some up with a syringe, put it into her anus and… injected.

It was the most indescribable feeling in the world, and toy can’t think about words that would properly express what she felt; she doesn’t think such words even exist. The sperm was warm and she could actually feel it flow inside her, spread the warmth in her bowels, fill her with both physically and mentally with something absolutely incredible, something she had never experienced before! Toy was horny before, but now she was in a trance, injecting syringe after syringe of cum deep into her bowels, feeling the cum fill her up so much that she could no longer take any more, it was actually flowing out, which was so dirty, so hot, so erotic, so sexy that toy completely lost the ability of coherent thought! When toy couldn’t take any more, Ivy told her to plug her butt up with the plug, and she did, her hands shaking, her whole body trembling with arousal so much that she could swear that just gritting her teeth was erotically stimulating! The very idea — and the physical sensation — of having her ass full of sperm, and sealed tight with a buttplug, was just mind-blowing, extremely, extremely HOT!

“Cum, toy!”

What happened next was so powerful that toy nearly blacked out; she could swear she saw all the stars, she exploded with pleasure like she never did in her life; the sensation was so full, so complete, so extraordinary, so new to toy that all her previous orgasms seemed bleak and incomplete in comparison… It was like all the nerves in her body, and especially around her rectum, had woken up and all had been stimulated at the same time; like an electric current flowing back and forth between her head and her lower body, making her feel nothing but the most complete and overwhelming pleasure she had ever felt; it was just a moment, but it was so powerful, so fantastically incredible, so satisfying that while it lasted, it seemed to last forever, imprinting itself as an unerasable memory on toy’s mind, changing the way she thinks about orgasms… Even now, when toy thinks about it she has that image and the feeling clearly before her, something so NEW and so COMPLETE that she is sure no orgasms she is going to have in her life will be anything like it; it was just the ultimate in pleasure, the final bodily satisfaction, the one moment that defines everything, something you feel you have been waiting for all your life… It was just… Wow!

Toy tried to calm down, but after so many days in chastity she was still horny; and Ivy decided not to let her cool down too much. She told toy to take the honey jar and spill all the honey on toy’s chest. Toy did, and that’s when it started to get *really* messy! The honey was thick and it flowed slowly out of the jar, but when it landed on toy’s chest, it was absolutely uncontrollable, thick, sticky, and more than a few drops landed on the floor, leaving a terrible, terrible mess, and toy had to adjust her body a little to make sure it continued running down her legs instead of keeping to drop down!

But it wasn’t Ivy’s plan to make it easy for toy! “Cum again!” she said and toy had to obey, and a few minutes later she exploded again; the orgasm wasn’t as strong as the first one, but definitely more messy as the honey just continued dripping on the floor, on and around the plastic bags toy had covered it with, leaving a fantastically messy mess that would later take a long time to clean up!

After the second orgasm, toy really began to calm down; Ivy asked her if she could cum once more, but toy was exhausted, and the effects of the long trip really started to show, too! But, the mess wasn’t yet over; Ivy told toy to spread the whipped cream all over her body, lay down on the floor and count to 100. There wasn’t really enough cream to cover all of toy’s body, but her upper body was mostly covered; she then lied down and counted to 100, as quickly as she could! All the plastic bags were glued to toy’s body and when she got up again she panicked as the floor was exposed and vulnerable to all the mess on toy’s body; she quickly covered it up again but the dirty bags only made it worse, as she soon found out!

At last toy was allowed to take the plug out; when she did, the sperm started to leak out and actually flow down toy’s leg, which wasn’t much more messy that anything else that happened that night, but extremely erotic nonetheless! Toy felt dirtier than she had ever felt in her life; completely covered from top to toe with a mixture of oil, cream and honey, her butt stretched and leaking, tired after a very long trip and exhausted after cumming twice in a row, toy felt like she had been used and abused… And she loved the feeling! But she was tired, and she needed bed!

And so did Ivy, as it was very late at night (or early in the morning – it was around 4 am)! Ivy kissed toy goodnight and went to bed, and toy went straight to the bathroom to take a loooong shower. She was too tired to clean any mess she had made so after the shower she just went straight to bed too… And for the first time in many days, she fell asleep almost at once. Peaceful, relaxed, satisfied… Complete!

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Protected: Disobedience

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Toy’s Anal Story

It all began in December last year when toy was standing quietly in her friend’s home in SL and all of a sudden a devil appeared out of nowhere. The infernal creature introduced herself as Ivy and without much ado dragged poor toy back to her lair to make her her slave, forced to serve Ivy whenever she demanded it — and in any way she wanted!

Toy quickly discovered that among the many perverse acts that she was told to perform there was one that the evil devil was particularly fond of: sodomy! Night after night, toy was forced to stick her sore behind up in the air to make it available for unimaginable abuse — and with every night, she liked it more and more!

Eventually, toy’s curiosity got the better of her and made her primary order a buttplug — a big, full, scary-looking buttplug — as well as some lube. Excited, poor toy tried to push it up her little butt, but no matter how hard she pushed and how much lube she used, it just wouldn’t get in! But toy liked the sensation, and, encouraged by Ivy, she ordered another plug, a smaller one.

The smaller plug arrived after some time and, to toy’s great joy, it slid in without problems! It was a whole new sensation of fulness that toy had never experienced before: overwhelming, powerful, mind-blowing, if a little painful! Toy wasn’t sure if she like it or not; she enjoyed the psychological effect that the humiliation of anal penetration had upon her, but she couldn’t really say whether or not she liked the physical sensation!

But Ivy wouldn’t give up there. “Toy has a week to get the big plug in!” she said one night, and poor toy had no choice but to train her tight little hole to accommodate the larger intruder. It took some time, longer than a week, but eventually she did it! She had to push it hard, use a lot of lube, but the large plug was in! Afterwards toy was so sore that she bled a little and she felt pain each time she sat down, but Ivy was so proud of her that she quickly forgot all about the pain and was so glad that she could make Ivy happy!

And somehow, toy started to like wearing the plug more and more; the big one still made her clench her teeth in pain; but the small one actually gave her a lot of pleasure, something she never thought it would!

Unfortunately, toy had to leave for a few weeks and didn’t take her plugs with her; but even though she was away, she stayed in touch with Ivy who tracked her every move and continued controlling her, more and more! She started controlling toy’s pleasure, and toy was no longer allowed to orgasm or even just touch herself without permission. And as toy was kept in chastity for days on end (which made her squirm in frustration and helplessness, something she absolutely loved!) she started thinking more and more about having her little butt abused. Actually, “thinking” is not the right word; she started fantasizing about it, wishing she had taken her plugs with her, imagining herself taken from behind like an anal slut, having thick, hard cocks fucking her mercilessly while she can do nothing about it and feeling hot, sticky sperm flow inside her…!

It’s been 3 days since toy was allowed to orgasm, and she has no idea when Ivy will allow her to cum again. Toy’s mind is spinning and her body shudders whenever she has naughty thoughts; and the more horny she becomes, the more naughty ideas she gets!

But toy now knows what she wants, Ivy has shown her what she was supposed to be all along: she wants to be trained to take bigger and bigger things up her ass, to squirm in frustration as she is denied orgasm night after night after night, to beg for mercy and to wish that it never came! Toy wants to be controlled, humiliated, embarrassed, abused, turned into a horny mess, available to Ivy whenever she wants; to be taken from behind, used and thrown away when she is no longer needed; and to want more and more, rougher and rougher, to be tossed deeper and deeper into depravity; to become a true anal slut!

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The meeting at ‘Thinkers’ and transcending the mind

A few days ago, Ivy took toy to a weekly meeting at ‘Thinkers’, a gathering of people who spend most of their time pondering the origins of the universe, the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence, the future of the human race and other related topics, usually revolving around hard science or philosophy. Although toy thinks that Ivy decided to take her along just to shock the other members of the community (toy was naked, cuffed, plugged, and leashed), toy actually loved Extie’s lecture and will definitely be coming back in the future. But, toy made one observation that really made her think.

It’s not only that toy was naked – Rhi was, too, and some other people also wore clothes that could be described as inappropriate – but nobody said anything, nobody objected, as if it was completely natural. Toy’s first thought was, “Well, that’s probably because these science guys are open-minded enough not mind stuff like that”. But then again — could anyone imagine a RL science meeting where someone showed up undressed? Hardly. What was it, then?

It’s an accepted and frequently discussed observation (not least at ‘Thinkers’), that when we enter the role of our Avatar, we are more ‘ourselves’. We talk more freely, we do things our primaries would be embarrassed or afraid to do, we dress the way we like, in other words: we are free to express ourselves in ways that would otherwise be either impossible or very difficult. We ignore social conventions, and we don’t mind that everyone else does that, too. Having left our physical bodies behind, we become what we really want to be. A product of the mind, freed from the influence of chance and the society.

But it’s still bad to sit naked in public, eh?

Ivy likes to say that safety is not the goal of life. For a reasoning mind, that could be true. But our instincts, much older than us, beg to differ. However reasonable and intelligent we may be, our primaries’ bodies (and, in turn, their minds) instinctively react to threats to make sure they stay safe. And obviously, the unknown is usually regarded by our minds as a threat — because, potentially, it could be. When our primaries see something out of the ordinary, they subconsciously react to a possible threat. There’s no way around it.

But in a virtual world, like SL, there are no real ‘threats’. We – our avatars – can’t be hurt or killed. We are safe. Our instincts relax. We no longer react with aversion to things we aren’t familiar with. We no longer frown at the unusual — hell, we no longer even think they are unusual! Freed from the restraints of our physical bodies, our minds also become free, and we are able to transcend not only the obvious limitations of the human body, but even the millions-of-years old instincts that rule our behaviour. We become free in the fullest sense. We no longer have to be what evolution made us. We decide for ourselves.

How long was it before we reach the singularity, again?

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Hello there!


Just for future reference, Toy is Ivy Sunkiller’s toy and always refers to herself as ‘toy’. Feel free to freak out, but don’t ask toy to change it, cause she’s not going to!

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